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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is difference between real and fake diamonds?

Sometimes you're not sure what gemstones you have. They can come from an inheritance or it was a gift. In order to check if they are natural diamonds, they will have to be checked by special material testers or gemologists with a trained eye. Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite are easier to distinguish from natural diamonds, but a lab grown diamond cannot be distinguished by human eyes, and it is not fake. At Diamonds 24x7 we have all the tools and knowledge to determine the origin of any kind of stone. We identify and value your precious goods, free of charge.

Why is one diamond worth more than the other?

Why are diamonds so valuable? For that, you have to look at the stories about diamonds and see what properties make them so expensive. Sometimes they say that the bigger the diamond, the more it costs. This is not entirely correct, but it is partly correct. The size or carat weight of a diamond is just one factor in calculating the diamond's value. In general, the cost per carat (or weight of a gem) is based on the rarity of a stone; the rarer the stone, the more expensive. Carat, clarity, color and cut are known as the "Four C's" and collectively indicate the price of a diamond. No feature outweighs another; they all contribute to and influence the ultimate retail value. For example, you can have a whopping 10-carat diamond, but if the clarity is low, it doesn't guarantee that the huge stone will be worth more than a smaller diamond with perfect clarity. To learn more about the "Four C's", you can find numerous websites that can tell you about them. In the meantime, the world's supply of diamonds is running out and that is why the price of diamonds is rising. Fancy colored diamonds (such as yellow or rosy pink diamonds) are especially scarce. Some experts believe that colored diamonds will be exhausted within ten years.

What are the Four Cs?

The four Cs (4 Cs) are the four characteristics used to determine the quality and value of a diamond: carat, cut, clarity, and color. The characteristics of a diamond are graded and categorized by the diamond industry to establish its retail value. Quality diamonds are graded by a qualified expert and carry a certificate of authentication, such as a grading report from renowned laboratories such as HRD, GIA, IGI or AGS.

Do you sell natural or labgrown diamonds?

Of course we do! Diamonds 24x7 is all about recycling and buying. But other departments in our company have the role of supplier. Arhaan Diam and Innocent Stone supply natural and labgrown diamonds at competitive market prices. If you are interested in buying diamonds, just send us an inquiry via our contact form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.


What is a Purity Hallmark?

Jewellery can be made of many metals. But the most valuable jewellery metals carry a purity hallmark. Usually you can find this somewhere near the lock of a necklace or bracelet on a little label, or it has been stamped into the metal, which is very common for rings on the inside for example. These stamps or marks tell you about the purity of the metal and what type of precious metal or alloy your jewel was made of. Common gold hallmarks include 18K, 14K, 10K, 750, 585, 375. Common platinum hallmarks include 950, PLATINUM, PLAT. Common silver hallmarks include 925, Silver, 800, Sterling. There are many different hallmarks, but if your jewellery has a hallmark then it is usually a good sign.

How can I tell from which metal my jewels are made of?

Most of the luxury jewellery such as wedding or engagement rings, tennis bracelets or diamond pendants and necklaces are made with precious metals, such as gold, platinum or silver. And when they are they will carry a stamp or Purity Mark that will tell you about the type of metal and purity of the metal. Where to find these marks? Read more about Purity Hallmark in our FAQ. 

What makes my jewels worth much or little?

Look for hallmarks. The first thing you can do is to look for hallmarks. One hallmark will generally tell us the metal content of a piece. There could also be another hallmark that tells you the country of origin, designer, or manufacturer. These are usually located on the clasp of a necklace, the inside of a ring or bracelet, or the post of an earring. Unless the item is over 100 years old or the hallmark has worn off, all fine jewelry should have some type of hallmark. Valuable jewellery brands such as Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Tacori, they all carry hallmarks. Tip: If your item looks antique and it doesn't have a hallmark, get the item appraised by professionals such as Diamonds 24x7. If your item looks new but does not have any hallmarks at all, your item is likely just fake or costume jewellery.

How do you recognize brand jewellery?

Brand jewellery often has its own hallmark, especially if it is a high-end brand. Check this to make sure your item is from the designer claiming it. Many fake jewellery sellers have caught the eye and often make jewellery with fake features. While these may look legit from a distance, you can often find small giveaways at a second glance. Look closely at fonts, layouts, and spelling to make sure that the hallmark on your jewellery matches the designer perfectly. The quality of the piece is also very important. Take a good look at your jewellery and make sure the construction is correct. Check the links in a bracelet or necklace - they should never look pinched together, but instead should have a smooth, solid look. If you have a piece of jewellery containing a stone, for example a ring, check the setting and mounting of the stone. Fantasy jewellery can sometimes be considered real, but if you take a closer look, you will see that stones are often glued in place rather than properly mounted.

I have a lot of old and broken jewels, can you value them?

At Diamonds 24x7 we take every precious item serious. After separating items and individually valuating every type of metal and gemstone we will give you a first bid on every separate item that you have given us to examine. When agreed we pay you directly on the bank or in cash. It's however you like.

Can I sell my collection of gold and silver jewellery?

Did you receive jewellery from an inheritance? Are you an explorer and did you find an amazing treasure? Or did you stumble onto a box of precious stuff on an attic or basement? Diamonds 24x7 will tell you exactly what you have found. Every piece of gold or silver jewellery will be thoroughly examined to determine a price for every item in your box. After we have given you a total offer, we can directly transfer the amount of cash to your bank account. Diamonds 24x7 always works transparent and always gives you the right price for every item in your box.


How can I be sure that my watch is not a fake?

When you want to make sure you don't have a fake watch you need to look at different aspects to determine you have a real brand watch or not. Identifying a fake watch is not so simple and luckily someone made a really good effort to tell you what to look for. Follow all the steps that you will read by checking out this page on wikihow.

Is my watch worth more if I still have all the papers and packaging?

Any type of collector understands that keeping the original papers and packaging from special items is of utmost importance to other collectors or buyers. Imagine you have a watch that was always kept and stored well in the package or in a special drawer, or the drawer that contains all of your stuff together with no logic. It is easy to understand that the watch that was carefully preserved throughout your ownership time will bring more value to your precious luxury watch than not looking after it carefully. The lest the watch is harmed with scratches or other types of small defects, the less the watch will be worth.

My watch is broken, can I still get money for it?

Selling broken luxury watches is easier than you might think. In many cases, broken watches are used for spare parts and repairs, so spare parts are usually not in great demand. An expert, on the other hand, can investigate whether your watch is still worth anything. It is also important to know what you own. A broken pocket watch or a broken Rolex can still pay off. There weren't always so many possibilities and places where you could sell your broken watches. At Diamonds 24x7 we check how much your broken watch is worth and pay a fair amount for it. Nowadays you can make real money by selling your broken watches. Broken watches may not earn you thousands of euros (unless they are rare), but depending on the brand and condition you can still earn quite a bit of money.

Precious Metals

I have several gold and silver coins, what are they worth?

The value of a coin often comes from its demand. Gold and silver coins are not only worth the metal, but also the rarity, state and history of the coin will determine the price. Simply put, the stronger the demand for a coin, the higher its value will be. Collectors sometimes want a particular coin and this creates demand, and because of the rarity coins can be worth a lot more than you think. Let's say that you found a coin somewhere in a box and it was worth a crazy $120,000 USD. Then you are a happy person, not? A coin can be worth a lot more than just its face value. The thing is, how does one even determine the value of old coins? If you are looking to sell your old coins or other items and want to be sure you get the right price, come to Diamonds 24x7. We will test your coins and value them for their worth compared today's market prices.

What can I do with a pile of old precious metals?

Diamonds 24x7 can help you sort all your precious metals. We will sort them by kind and quote you per separated metal. Afterwards we will melt and separate the metals into bullions or grains. Our goal is to recycle and reuse as many of these precious metals as possible.


How do I get paid after agreeing with your bid?

After a mazal or agreement on the amount that we pay for your goods Diamonds 24x7 will wire transfer the money to your desired bank account.

Shipping & Returns

When will my goods be returned if I don't agree with your bid?

When we don't reach an agreement we will return your goods with FedEx directly. We will use your pick up address to return your goods. Your goods will be insured while shipping them back to you.

How do I pack my goods if I ship them with FedEx?

After you have confirmed your collection, you will receive an email from Diamonds 24x7 with a confirmation of the collection. You will also receive an email from FedEx with a bill of lading that you can stick and attach to your shipping box. Where it mentions content, you should write: "Carbon mineral sample".
Note: Take a bigger box for your items so no one can guess what's inside.