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No Conflict Diamonds

Conflict diamonds monetize civil unrest

Diamonds 24x7 strives to be a responsible, ethical company that only trades in diamonds mined in conflict free areas of the world. We fully support the global campaign against conflict diamonds and uphold strict policies during all trading.

What are conflict diamonds?

Conflict diamonds are mined in countries at war, where the profits are used to fund more violence (usually in the form of weapons). Since the 1980s the percentage of conflict diamonds sold globally fell from almost 20% of total sales to less than 1% according to the World Diamond Council. Decades of hard work by governments and the diamond industry have put a spotlight on this enormous problem and have almost taken down these illegal and unethical practices. Problematic areas of the world currently still include Angola, Ivory Coast, DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe.

Several private companies are currently working on technologies to make tracking down conflict diamonds easier. At the same time governments are pushing harder than ever to eradicate conflict diamonds by demanding better certifications for diamonds.